Trump yanks endorsement of Alabama Senate candidate Brooks , who said to get past 2020

United States . Rep . Mo Brooks , R - Ala . , Became a strong voice for Donald Trump in Congress and during the campaign

Brooks was a speaker at the " Stop the Steal " gathering at the National Mall before the rioters attacked the US Capitol on January 6 , 2021

That's all that gave him Trump's approval last year at the head of the Alabama Republican Senate in 2022

But when it comes to political support for the former president , there is one simple fact : Donald Trump gives and Donald Trump can take

That's what Brooks said - who , despite his agrement , fought racial voices on Wednesday when Trump withdrew his support

The reason Trump left Brooks is a major difference between the two Republicans in the 2020 election

Both believe the election was stolen , despite all evidence to the contrary , including many court decisions and censuses

But Brooks said it was time to focus on what was needed to win in 2022 and 2024

Mo Brooks of Alabama recently made a terrible mistake when he " woke up " and said , referring to the 2020 presidential election

"Put it behind you , put it behind you , " despite the fact that the election was full of fraud and irregularities

" Trump said in a statement Wednesday that he withdrew Trump

adding that Brooks was wrong in hiring new campaign assistants who " persuaded him to " stop talking about the 2020 election

Of course , there is another possible reason for Trump's move . Brooks is returning to polls

So Trump may be trying to keep his face and keep him from getting into the losing campaign

the election campaign verdict and the US Constitution and the US Code do not abandon what President Trump demanded

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