Jen Psaki , the White House press secretary , tests positive again for COVID

Jen Psaki, the White House spokeswoman, has tested positive for coronavirus for the second time. 

That is, he will completely forget about Vice President Joe Biden's planned trip to Europe.

He intends to meet with allies to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

 It's the most recent example of Washington's recent high-rise corporate boom.

Franco Ordoez, a White House journalist for NPR, has more

when jen psaki returned from her first positive coronavirus case last fall, franco ordoez was on the other side.

She attempted to add some craziness to her situation.

JUST PSAKI: Even though I've disliked hats for a long time, it's nice to be back with you all.

I really miss my slippers - I'm sure several of the ladies in this room will agree.

ORDOEZ: Before a new wave of omicon infections spread across the country,

Sources from hospitals were investigated. However, as the number of instances increased a few months later,

President Biden attempted to send a message that the country was on the mend.

He took the stage without a mask three weeks ago to deliver his statement on the state of the Union.

PRESIDENT JOY PRAY: I believe we can safely return to a more normal schedule tonight.

We have reached a new moment in the fight against COVID - 19