Gwyneth Paltrow's ex - Goop CCO says doing cleanses like ones

promoted by company ' distorted ' her body image

This week , former Goop head of home affairs Elise Loehnen went to Instagram to talk about clearing the culture .

Loehnen , who worked for the company for seven years before leaving in 2020 , said in a video that when he left his job at Goop

he decided to " swear all the cleaning . " He explained : " It has to do with diet and prohibition

I feel that I am not in a healthy relationship with my body . I always try to punish it , to control it .

Much of Goop's business model involves offering diet counseling under the pretext of " benefits , "

and the brand regularly announces detox cleansers that are said to rid your body of unspecified negative buildups .

In his post , Loehnen wrote that after leaving Goop , he had to " reduce his tendency to be critical and punished "

because of his food . He said he was in a " complete rebellion , " which he described as " a kind of fun and perfectly healthy

when it comes to relaxing ideas about what my body would look like a 42 - year - old with two children . "

When the second founder hired Gwyneth Paltrow , Loehnen was a founding member of the Goop empire

she became editor - in - chief in 2014 before graduating as general manager in 2017