Elden Ring's Online Services are Down on PlayStation [ Update ]

Elden Ring's Twitter account has now been announced announcing that Steam maintenance has been completed

PlayStation servers remain offline at the time of writing 

will take place for Elden Ring today , but that maintenance on PlayStation  

and Steam will take longer than originally thought. 

This morning , the Elden Ring twitter account announced that the multiplayer server will begin on March 23 at 1:00 in the Pacific  

 8:00 in the United Kingdom , with an estimated duration of one hour

 However , a follow - up report announced that the maintenance of the PlayStation / Steam server would be " extended "

 As of 4:00 AM / 11:00 AM , the servers are not yet on PlayStation . As the service continues , we will update this story 

 As you might expect , the game can still be played offline , but features like other player calls , attacks and messages are not available . 

Elden Ring is now going through what looks like the first major update since its release  

 Just last week , patch 1.03 made a number of changes , including a redesign of the Glintstone spell ( yay ! )  

And a non - raffle ( buu ! ) . Speedrunners are particularly impressed by some of the changes .