Chiefs give WR Tyreek Hill's camp permission to seek trade after contract extension talks stall

The Chiefs agreed to sell Tyreek Hill Dolphins for five drafts in the draft , including the first round of the NFL 2022 draft .

Dollars could be a separation between one of the fastest running pairs in the NFL .

Despite an offer to make Tyreek Hill one of the best paid recipients in the NFL , talks on renewal were suspended and the Chiefs gave Hill's

agent permission to seek an agreement , reports Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of NFL Network Wednesday .

Several teams have already engaged with the Chiefs to discuss Hill , and Hill is expected to have great business success , according to Pelisser

among the teams : the new york jets , miami dolphins and green bay packers . L

Miami was the team that showed the greatest interest at the moment

The Dolphins were extremely aggressive during the freestyle , winning former Cowboys player Ced Wilson for three years , a $ 22.8 million deal

and signing a contract to win the best freestyle in the class . Terron Armstead signed a five year , $ 75 million contract this week

Hill is a six - time professional bowler and three - time All - Pro receiver of the first team to influence the NFL since passing the fifth round of the NFL draft in 2016 .

Kansas City used its speed as a passing weapon , deploying it as a devastating gadget player and seeing it Hill picked up a number of numbers

including a four - season more than 1,100 reception yards - with worldwide quarterback Patrick Mahomes .

Hill's suit in Green Bay is of great importance after the Packers decided to sell Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders

Hill's impact on the game is easy to measure : Just scan the highlight at the college or professional level and you'll see the player

The move to Kansas City will send shockwaves across AFC West and beyond